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After you register and download one of our NetPhones, you are able to immediately use TalkByPC.
Contact all your friends, family and colleagues and tell them to register so they can video netphone you and all of “their friends.”

It’s E-Z to Use and it’s 100% Free!
Call Anyone, Anywhere, at Anytime with Unlimited Use. You’ll See all your friends and family right on your computer screen.

To register, click HERE.

To initiate or receive a call, both parties must be assigned a net phone number. The net phone resides on your computer desktop. A small icon is also placed on your Toolbar. To initiate or receive a call, just click on the icon and the video net phone pops up.

There are no costs involved in using You are assigned a Net Phone Number which is the exact same number of your home or cellular telephone. Your telephone rings on your telephone – your net phone rings on your computer. Your Netphone number does not interfere in any manner with the telephone company; remember, the NetPhone is totally internet based and operates independently from your telephone.

Your landline telephone number has an area code with seven digits and your netphone number will be the exact same number. Under law, you have the right to transfer the number which your landline (PSTN) telephone company issued to you to another landline carrier, however, the assigned netphone number will remain the property of the Netphone Network. The Netphone Number (NPN) cannot be assigned or transferred by you nor can you use or give usage permission of the NPN to another Netphone service, without the permission and conditions established by the Netphone Network at the time of the transfer request.

All the Netphone numbers are issued by the NetPhoneNetwork and remain as their sole and separate property. It’s a fraudulent act to use a phone number which you don’t have permission to use. Your IP (Internet Protocol) Number is recorded with your registration and your NPN is matched, so we are able to identify the source of use. This system helps in preventing abuse. Video NetPhones are sometimes used by pranksters and people disseminating lewd behavior; report such activity to InfoLinkTel for correction. When a user calls you or leaves a message, their netphone number appears; it’s the number which we need in order to sever the service of an abuser.

InfoLinkTel can connect TalkByPC calls to the PSTN (landline phones) via NetPhone2phone, so your NetPhone can be connected by audio to a regular, landline telephone. Click Here for details.

TalkByPC will be periodically updated with new features and new versions will be automatically downloaded as you continue to use the service. It will be deemed that you agree with all revisions of use by your continued use of the service.

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