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Q. Can I use this netphone with a dialup or just DSL or cable?
A. The phone can be used with dialup, DSL or cable. If you are using dialup, it will take longer to load.

Q. What is a netphone?
A. It is an Internet telephone used to make free phone calls to other people who are also using the TalkByPC phone on their computer.

Q. How is my netphone number assigned?
A. Your netphone number is selected by you. It should be your actual regular telephone number. You type in the area code and the 7 digits of the number.

Q. Can I use the phone in my business?
A. Yes, in fact we encourage you to have all of your customers and employees install the netphone on their computer. When a customer wants to reach you, all they have to do is call you from their netphone. It has other advantages, i.e., you want to show the client some merchandise.

Q. Do I get voice/video mail free?
A. Yes, included in the netphone is the ability for you to leave other users a video message, audio message or text message.

Q. Is the phone really free?
A. The netphone is free. Download it on your computer and have your friends, family or co-workers download it and start talking free today.

Q. Are there any charges for Local or Long Distance calling?
A. No, the calls go through the Internet using your computer and our software. You can talk to anyone, anywhere using our netphone with no charge.

Q. Will it work behind a firewall?
A. works behind almost all NAT servers. If there is a problem with the firewall, the calls go through our servers.
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