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Fast & EZ Download + Registration Instructions:
The Following EZ Start Guide details a few easy steps. After Reading all the Steps, fill out the registration Form. For more Comprehensive instructions, See "How it Works" Click Here.

InfoLink's Talk By is Free. The "Talk Connector" performs the same service as Talk By PC. These names are used for describing the search and shopping connecting ability from searcher to website publisher. When you register under Talk By PC, the Talk Connector performs the same service of Free Video or Audio NetPhone.

Register for Talk By PC software. (example)


Fill out all required fields and select a plan. It is generally recommended for convenience that you user name be the same as your phone number.

Be sure to write down your username and password
and put it aside, you will need it later in this tutorial.

Check the "Agree to Terms of Use" box and click the submit button to register



After the confirmation window pops up, click okay to go to the login page for your account.


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