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About Us is a subsidiary of, the World's Largest Network of Links, Directories and Search Engines.

InfoLinkTel is the first company to offer a Video Net Phone which has video collaboration. We have compressed the signal so that it doesn't require a large bandwidth. We initiate through our servers, with an automatic download and the assignment of an internet phone number, the software is transferred to your computer, which takes on the server role. The net phone number will be the same as your home telephone number. The number is issued by the NetPhone Network. Through our proprietary compression and server transfer technology, the internet's bandwidth is not overloaded.

The Video Net Phone is available for InfoLinkTel users to use anytime, anywhere, with unlimited use. There are no charges because everything is handled on the internet. There are no Local, Regional or Long Distance Charges.

The Company

InfoLinkTel is a closed corporation dedicated to internet research with a focus on the compression of internet signal. InfoLinkTel programmers are years ahead in streaming technology and video internet telephonic delivery.

The Future

Soon, InfoLinkTel will introduce a Free Video Communication Center for the Deaf, it's called See2Hear. Deaf people will be able to converse and dialog on the computer video soft phone, in that they will be able to See each other-communicating by sign language, using text type and a White Board where they can hand-write or text type each other.

InfoLinkTel is working tirelessly around the clock on Internet Security and Identification. Another InfoLink company, LIVESCAN, is developing fingerprint scanning with facial recognition using instant Internet communication to provide services such as Airlines with Clearances for Fast Track Boarding. The software works without a central server to avoid congestion problems. This software can be used for many identification applications.

A similar application using pre-screened Data-Base I.D. is online voting. The computer will bring up a photo and confirm ID, all from a single palm scanning. This system prevents voting duplication and fraud.

Public Service

We're now offering a Free Videophonic PBX, multi-line phone system for Businesses. We're developing Educational Video Instructional Software and we see a whole new way of delivering education; soon Schools and Colleges Campuses won't have the need for as many classrooms because Live, Interactive Video Classroom Instruction is coming to your home. America, don't spend the money on School Construction and Large School Administration Budgets - Purchase a Fast Computer with a large monitor because InfoLink will be delivering the Best Education by the Best Instructors over the Internet - LIVE AND FREE - Everything from Kindergarten through College and beyond! If you haven't seen NetVision, go to the InfoLinkNetwork Home Page.I

Soon you'll be able to privately video meet with your doctor, your banker and do much of your business and services by Video Netphone.

InfoLinkTel is opening the world to a whole new standard of communication - all Free to internet users. That's Public Service!

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