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Combo Screen - Use TalkByPC's FREE "TALK CONNECTOR" Screen to See & Talk Live AND also use our Video Diplayer in Combo to display products, pictures, videos, etc.
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The TalkByPC Video Netphone
resides on your computer desktop and can be placed on your toolbar. It's totally VOIP (internet based). It's Free to Use - with No Charges! It's E-Z to use and FAST to download.
It's InfoLinkTel’s Private Business Exchange. We use VOIP. It’s the First and Only 100 line Business Phone System in existence that uses Video, Audio and Text and its Totally INTERACTIVE! You can collaborate using File Transfer, Desktop Controller and our InteractBoard. This is a VOIP service from Netphone (PC) to Telephone (PSTN). This connects an internet call to a regular telephone. The Net portion of the call is Free, which reduces the Regular (PSTN) telephone charges, resulting in significant savings!
Lean More About VSP100 NetPhoneDownload VSP100 NetPhone Lean More About Pbx100 NetPhoneDownload Pbx100 NetPhone Lean More About NetPhone2PhoneDownload NetPhone2Phone
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